• Water for Saudi Arabia
  • Water for Saudi Arabia

Water for Saudi Arabia


Construction of a water pipeline to Riyadh

2010 – 2012

Pipeline specifications
Pipeline length: 350 km
Diameter: 48" up to 72"
Wall thickness: 9 up to 30 mm
Material: steel

Water through the desert
The growth of the number of residents in the city of Riyadh made the creation of a new transport system for drinking water into a necessity. The drinking water is produced in a combined power plant and desalination plant in Ras al-Khair (previously known as Ras al-Zour), located at the coast of the Arabian Gulf in Saudi Arabia. The distance from the city to Ras al-Khair is 460 kilometers. To create a redundant system, two parallel drinking water pipelines were constructed. The total trajectory therefore consists of 900 kilometers of pipeline, 3 pump stations, 13 water reservoirs, 360 kilometers of 13.8 kV power cables and a SCADA system. A.Hak International constructed the final segment, from pump station 3 to Riyadh including branch lines into the city. This trajectory stretches out 216 kilometers in length, which means that almost 400 kilometers of pipeline was constructed by A.Hak. With this new transport pipeline, over 900,000 cubic meters of water can now be delivered to the city on a daily basis.


  • Almost 400 kilometers of pipeline with diameters varying between 48" and 72" and wall thicknesses of 9.52 mm up to 17.48 mm.
  • More than 40 roads were crossed. Together with A.Hak Drillcon, new drilling machines were used for drilling through hard rock formations with a diameter of 2.2 meters.

Worth mentioning
The entire trajectory is constructed by the SSEM – RTCC – HAK consortium, which employs a large number of local staff members. A.Hak has already selected and trained more than 200 people to become fully skilled welders, fitters, operators and mechanics. The courses were given by A.Hak staff from the Netherlands. During project execution, more than 400 people from 11 different countries were involved.

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    One million man hours without LTIs One million man hours without LTIs

    One million man hours without LTIs

    A.Hak is working on the construction of a pipeline for Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. This week the million man hour mark was reached without a single LTI (lost time incident).

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    Are you our new colleague? Are you our new colleague?

    Are you our new colleague?

    A.Hak ensures that households and businesses have access to water and energy. Safe, reliable and sustainable. A great challenge in this time of energy transition and climate objectives. Will you take on that challenge together with us?

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    Safe re-start in the new year Safe re-start in the new year

    Safe re-start in the new year

    With a Safety Day for the entire team in Albania, the new year on the TAP project started with a renewed focus on safety.

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    Privacy Statement updated Privacy Statement updated

    Privacy Statement updated

    With effect from 1 April 2018, A.Hak applies a new Privacy Statement that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).