• Heat transfer pipeline under water
  • Heat transfer pipeline under water

Heat transfer pipeline under water

Nuon Energy

Construction of a heat transfer pipeline from Diemen to Almere


Pipeline specifications
Pipeline length: 8.5 km
Diameter: 20" up to 28"
Wall thickness: 8 up to 10 mm
Material: steel

Together with no less than five of our sister companies we worked on this assignment which is unique for the Netherlands; and most probably for the entire world. More than 1.5 meters under the bottom of the IJ Lake, a double heat transfer pipeline with an 8.5 kilometer length was constructed. This project was led by A.Hak Leidingbouw, part of Pipelines & Facilities.

Project context
Adjacent to the existing power plant in Diemen, a new gas plant is constructed. The residual heat of both plants is used to heat the Almere-Poort city district. To transfer this heat, an 8.5 kilometer heat transfer pipeline is required which was built by A.Hak Leidingbouw in close cooperation with various other members of the A.Hak family. It is a unique project, as both locations are separated by the water of the IJ Lake. A heat transfer pipeline of this length was never constructed under water before.

Through the IJ Lake
In order to transfer heat, a double pipeline is constructed: one pipeline to transport the hot water and a return pipeline for the cooled water. At the same time, two fiberglass pipelines were installed. This project was carried out as a steel-in-steel system: a 20" inner pipe and a 28" jacket pipe, the space between them being filled with insulation material. As the main contractor, A.Hak Leidingbouw was responsible for the design, delivery and execution of the project, compliant with specifications and regulations. The work on the IJ Lake was carried out from pontoons. This proved especially complex during windy weather.
Two shipping lanes were crossed as well, one used for commercial shipping and the other for recreational use. Three horizontal directional drillings were carried out, or six in total as the return pipe had to be installed as well. This took place under primary flood defences and the shipping lane. All these tasks were carried out including sheet pile facilities, dredging tasks, NDT, coating and cathodic protection.

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