• North-South Route
  • North-South Route
  • North-South Route
  • North-South Route

North-South Route

N.V Nederlandse Gasunie

Construction of multiple natural gas transport pipelines and compressor stations in the Netherlands

2008 – 2013

Pipeline information
Diameter: 2" up to 48"
Wall thickness: 5.5 up to 22 mm
Material: steel

Gasunie has put a lot of effort in turning the Netherlands into the gas hub of Europe. The North-South Route, a significant expansion of Gasunie’s gas transport network in the Netherlands, plays an important role in attaining this objective. Many kilometers of extra natural gas transport pipelines were constructed and various new compressor stations were built. For corporations trading gas, the Netherlands becomes increasingly attractive to transport gas to and from. We significantly contributed to this ambition.

Completed project segments

  • Trajectory ‘Meeden – Ommen’. 88 kilometers of 48" gas transport pipeline.
  • Compressor station ‘Scheemda’. Installation of pipeline work. Approximately 2,500 welds were completed. Pipeline diameters from 2" to 48", wall thickness between 5.5 and 22 mm.
  • Trajectory ‘Angerlo – Beuningen’. 37 kilometers of 48" gas transport pipeline. This relatively short trajectory was completed innovatively with 10 horizontal directional drillings and multiple microtunneling drillings.
  • Trajectory ‘Ommen – Esveld’. 36 kilometers of 48" transport pipeline including a Direct Pipe drilling, the length of which set a world record of 1,400 meters. 
  • Compressor station ‘Ommen’. 18" pipeline replaced with a 36" pipeline, keeping the compressor station operational during work.
  • Compressor station ‘Wijngaarden’. Construction of all underground pipelines, diameters 2" to 48".
  • Trajectory ‘Hommelhof – Schinnen’. 19 kilometers 48" gas transport pipeline in the hilly landscape of Dutch Limburg and the city of Sittard. Work in residential areas asked for a different approach than in rural areas.
  • Trajectory ‘Odiliapeel – Melick’. 28 kilometers of 48" gas transport pipeline, crossing the Meuse River with a Direct Pipe Drilling.
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